Conferinte/simpozioane internationale



Târgul Internațional de Invenții și Idei Practice "INVENT – INVEST 2019", Ploiești, 6-9 mai 2019.

2nd ICGEB Workshop “Modern Biotechnological Advances for Human Health – BAHH”, București, 28-31 mai, 2019.

The 4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plants to Pharmacy Shelf (ICNPU-2019), 29 May-01 June 2019 Albena, Bulgaria

Colaborative Conferince on Materials Reserch June 03-07 2019, Corea

4th International Conference on Natural Products Utilization: from Plants to Pharmacy Shelf (ICNPU-2019), 29 mai-01 iunie 2019 Albena, Bulgaria

Conference Modtech 2019, "Modern Technologies in Industrial Engineering", 19-22 iunie, 2019, Iasi, Romania.

11th National Congress with International Participation and 37th annual scientific session of Romanian Society for Cell Biology (under Romanian Academy aegis), Constanta, 20-23 iunie, 2019.

2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials Science and Mechanical Engineering University of Aveiro, 9-12 iulie, 2019, Portugalia.

Natural Products in Drug Discovery and Human Health (NatProdDDH) Conference, 28-31 iulie, 2019, Lisabona, Portugalia.

2nd International Conference on Semiconductors, Optoelectronics and Nanostructures (ICSON-2019), 19-20 august, 2019, Barcelona, Spania.

67th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, Innsbruck, Austria, 1-5 septembrie 2019.

IEIC6/2019 - 6th International Entomophagous Insects Conference, Perugia/Italia, 9-13 sept. 2019.

9th International Congress of ESSC - Soil's Contribution to People: from Food to Life Supporting Services, Tirana (Albania), 26-28 September 2019; Scientific session: 1. Management of soil functions and services: monitoring and remediation.

International Scientific Congress ”Life Sciences, A Challenge for the Future”, Sectiunea Horticultura si Ingineria Mediului „Horticultura-Stiinta, calitate, diversitate si armonie”, 17-18 octombrie 2019, USAMV Iaşi.

Simpozionul Internațional de Agricultură şi inginerie alimentară, Facultatea de Agricultură, din cadrul Universităţii de Ştiinţe Agricole şi Medicină Veterinară "Ion Ionescu de la Brad" Iaşi, 17-18 octombrie 2019.

Expoziția Internațională Specializată “INFOINVENT 2019”, 20-23.11. 2019, Chișinău, Republica Moldova

70th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 29.11-01.12.2019, Atena, Grecia.


10th Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries - CMAPSEEC, 20-24 mai, 2018. Split, Croatia.

European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC) International Conference – Soil and Water Security (SoWaSe), Challenges for the next 30 years, June 6-8, 2018, Imola/Italia.

Le dixième colloque franco-roumain de chimie appliqué (COFrRoCA), 27-29 iunie, 2018, Bacau.

Advances in Phytochemical Analysis (Trends in Natural Products Research), organised by the Phytochemical Society of Europe (PSE), 2-5 iulie, 2018, Liverpool, Marea Britanie.

3rd International Symposium on Phytochemicals in Medicine and Food, august 25-30, 2018, Kunming, China.

ISBCW – XV International Symposium of Biological Control of Weeds, 27-31 august, Engelberg/ Elvetia.

XVth International Congress of Acarology (ICA 2018), 2-8 September, Antalya, Turkey.

3rd International PSE Symposium on Natural Products in Cancer Prevention and Therapy – Trends in Methods and Modelling, 4-7 septembrie, 2018, Napoli, Italy

69th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 23-25 noiembrie 2018, Larissa, Grecia

18th International multidisciplinary scientific geoconference SGEM 2018, Albena/ Bulgaria

Conference of Agriculture and Food engineering (International Congress), Iasi/Romania.

Târgul Internațional de Invenții și Idei Practice "INVENT-INVEST 2018", Ed. A-IX-a, Chișinău/Rep. Moldova.

EUROINVENT 2018, Iași/România


Al IX-lea Congres Internațional de Biologie Celulară și Moleculară și a XXXV-a Sesiune științfică anuală a SRBC cu participare internațională, 7-11 iunie 2017, Iași.

15th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, 31 august - 2 septembrie 2017, Rhodos, Grecia.

9th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management (ICEEM) Circular Economy and Environmental Sustainability, 6-9 septembrie, 2017, Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, Italia.

3rdInternațional Conference on Natural Products Utilization: From Plants to Pharmacy Shelf. ICNPU-2017, October 18-21, 2017, Bansko, Bulgaria.

68th Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (HSBMB) Conference; Atena, Grecia, 10-12 November 2017

International Scientific Conference of Earth and Geo Science, November 27-30, 2017, Viena, Austria.


European Geoscience Union General Assembly 2016. SSS – Soil System Sciences - SSS2.12 Soil Quality and Soil Conservation. 17-22 April 2016 Vienna, Austria.

Simpozionul IUBMB cu participare internațională “Biotehnologii moderne pentru dezvoltarea sustenabilă a Deltei Dunării” – STANDArD, 31 mai-2 iunie 2016, Murighiol, Tulcea.

8th Symposium of the European Association of Acarologists (EURAAC), Valencia, Spain, July 11-15, 2016.

3rd Conference of the World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), 22-26 August, 2016, Belgrade, Serbia

A XII-a ediție a Simpozionului Național cu participare Internațională „Plante medicinale – prezent și perspective”, 6-9 septembrie 2016, Piatra Neamț.

12th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, Budapesta, Ungaria (ENFC2016).

67th Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Conference, 25-27 nov., 2016

8th Symposium of the European Association of Acarologists (EURAAC), July 11-15, 2016, Valencia, Spain.

Inventica 2016, Iași/România.

Simpozionul "Biotehnologii avansate-realizări și perspective", Chișinău/Rep. Moldova.

The 3rd International Conference on Chemical Engineering - ICCE, Iasi, Romania. 9-11 noiembrie 2016.


The 7th European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation & International Conference on Innovative Research “EUROINVENT”, Iasi, 14-16 mai, 2015.

Land Quality and Landscape Processes Conference, Keszthely, Hungary, June 02-04, 2015.

Xth Congress of the Geneticists and Breeders, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, 28 June – 1 July, 2015.

TechConnect World Innovation Conference, Washington DC/USA, June 14-17, 2015.

The XIXth International Exhibition of Inventics, Research and Technological Transfer "INVENTICA 2015”, and the XIX-th International Conference of Inventics, Iasi, 24-26 iunie, 2015.

3rd Internațional Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering - ICNBME, Chișinău, Republic of Moldova, 23-26 September, 2015.

The XIVth edition of the International Specialized Exhibition “INFOINVENT”, Chisinau, Rep. Moldova, 25-28 nov. 2015.

66th Hellenic Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (HSBMB) Conference, Athens, Greece, 11-13 December 2015.


International Conference ”Trends in Natural Research – Phytochemicals in Medicine and Pharmacognosy”, Piatra Neamt, Romania (Conference organized under the auspioces of the Phytochemical Society of Europe - PSE), 27–30 aprilie 2014.

8th Conference on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Southeast European Countries - CMAPSEEC, Durrës, Albania, 19-22 May, 2014.

Joint IUBMB/ICGEB Symposium on Modern Biotechnological Advances for Human Health – BAHH, May 20-22, 2014, Bucharest, Romania.

Second International Conference on Radiation and Dosimetry in Various Fields of research, May 27-30, 2014. Nis, Serbia.

11th European Nitrogen Fixation Conference, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, 7-10 September 2014.

“Life Sciences, a challenge for the future”, 23-25 octombrie 2014, International Scientific Congress, Universitatea de Ştiinţe Agricole şi de Medicină Veterinară “Ion Ionescu de la Brad”


3rd Internațional Conference “Nanobiophysics: Fundamental and Applied Aspects”, October 7-10, 2013, Kharkov, Ukraine.

International research and practice conference „Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials”, August 29 - September 1, October 2013, Bukovel, Ukraine.

Trends in natural products research: a young scientists meeting of PSE and ÖPhG University Centre Obergurgl/Tyrol, Austria, 21-25 July 2013.

European Biotechnology Congress, 16-18 May 2013, Bratislava, Slovakia.

"Romanian agriculture in the PAC context”, A 56th International Scientific Symposium, 24-25 October 2013, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine "Ion Ionescu de la Brad", Faculty of Agriculture.


International Scientific Conference “10 years of nanotehnology development in the Republic of Moldova”, October 22 – 23, 2012, Balti.

Al 7-lea Simpozion al Asociației Acarologilor Europeni (EURAAC): Acari in a changing world, Viena, 9-13 July 2012.

The XXVII Congress of the Internațional Society for Advancement of Cytometry – CYTO, June 23-27, 2012, Leipzig, Germany.

The 4th Internațional Congress and the 30th Annual Session of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 13-17 June, 2012, Satu Mare (Romania) - Debrecen (Hungary).


3rd Internațional Symposium „Environmental Weeds and Invasive Plants. October 2-7, 2011. Monte Verità, Ascona, Switzerland.

European Biotechnology Congress, September 28 - October 1st, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.

XVIII International Botanical Congress, 23-30 July 2011, Melbourne, Australia.

12th Internațional Balkan Workshop on Applied Physics, Constanta, România, 6-8 July 2011.

36th FEBS Congress of the Biochemistry for Tomorrows Medicine, Torino, Italy, June 25-30, 2011.

11th Internațional Multidisciplinary Scientific GeoConference (SGEM 2011), Albena, Bulgaria, June 20-25, 2011

International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices (BIODEVICES), Roma, Italia, 26-29 January, 2011.


International Conference on Environmental Radioactivity - New Frontiers and Developments. Roma, Italia, 25-27 October 2010.

1st International Conference: Structures and Processes of the Initial Ecosystem Development, 20-24 September, 2010, Cottbus, Germany.

14th International Biotechnology Symposium and Exhibition, “Biotechnology for the Sustainability of Human Society”, 14-18 September 2010, Rimini – Italy.

15th World Congress of the Internațional Scientific Centre for Fertilizers (CIEC). Meeting the Fertilizer Demand on a Changing Globe: Biofuels, Climate Change and Contaminants, 29 Aug.-2 Sept., 2010, Bucharest, Romania.

XVIII Congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology, 4-9 July 2010, Valencia, Spain.

8th International Conference on the Scientific and Clinical Applications of Magnetic Carriers, 28 of March 2010, Rostock, Germany.


12th International Magnesium Symposium Iași, România, 22-25 September 2009.

22nd New Phytologist Symposium “Effectors in plant–microbe interactions”, INRA Versailles Research Centre, Paris, France, 13–16 September, 2009.

57th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research, August 16-20, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland.

The International Conference of European Society for Soil Conservation: Protection of the Ecological and Productivity Functions of Soil in a PAN European Context - Průhonice, Czech Republic, June 23 – 25th 2009.


5th International Conference on Land Degradation, Valenzano, Bari, Italy, 18-22 September, 2008.

The 23rd IUFRO Conference ”Air Pollution and climate change”, 7-12 september 2008, Murten, Switzerland.

The XXXVIIIth Annual ESNA Meeting, Cracovia, 27-31 August 2008.

Eurosoil Congress, 2008: Soil-Society-Environment - Vienna, Austria, 25-29 August, 2008.

XVI Congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology (FESPB 2008), 17-22 August 2008, Tampere, Finland

XII International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology, 5-9 August 2008, Istanbul, Turkey.

93rd ESA Annual Meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 3-8 August 2008.

The 6th Symposium of European Association of Acarologists, Montpellier, France 21-25 July 2008.

XXIIIrd International Congress of Entomology, Durban, South Africa (July 4-15).

IUFRO Working Party “Methodology of Forest Insect and Disease Survey in Central Europe workshop on Insect and Fungi in Storm Areas”, September 15-19, Štrbské Pleso, Slovacia.


The 4th Symposium on Biosorption and Bioremediation, August 26-30, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic.

The 2nd International Symposium on Plant Protection and Plant Health in Europe, Berlin, 10-12 April 2007

3rd International Seabuckthorn Association Conference, August 12-16, 2007. Université Laval. Québec (Québec), Canada.

5th International Congress of the European Society for Soil Conservation: The Soils of Tomorrow – Soils Changing in a Changing World, Palermo, Italy, 25-30 June, 2007.

The XIIth Internațional Symposium on Biological Control of Weeds – Montpellier, France, 22-27 April, 2007.


Meeting the Challenge: Invasive Plants in Pacific Northwest Ecosystems University of Washington, SUA, 19-20 September 2006.

XXXVI Annual Meeting European Society for New Methods in Agricultural Research (ESNA), Iași, România, 10-14 September, 2006.

VIIIth European Congress of Entomology, Sept. 17-22, Izmir, Turkey.


2nd International Symposium on Biological control of Arthropods’’, Davos, Elvetia, 12-16 September 2005.